Momopause Defined:

The natural change your brain and body goes through once you become a Mom. Symptoms include but are not limited to; forgetfulness, fatigue, superhuman strength, anxiety, eyes in the back of your head, sudden attraction to yoga pants, constant quest for peace and quiet and infinite patience.

Motherhood is often frustrating because things that used to come easily to you, like getting everything on your list at the grocery store or finding clean clothes that actually fit suddenly feel like impossible tasks. We blame the fact that you now bear the responsibility of keeping small humans alive. It’s kind of a big deal. So cut yourself some slack. You have come to the right place. We don’t even remember what we had for breakfast. Wait, did we have breakfast? No wonder we can think straight.

Latest Momopause Moment:

My youngest said I yell at them all the time. OK, I may yell at times but why can't they listen and follow instructions the first 12 times I patiently give them directions. I don't want to be a mean Mommy but I don't have infinite patience.

Mean Mommy

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