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The Real Reason Mom’s Wear Yoga Pants

I know what you are thinking – person with no children. You think women give up on their appearance when they become mothers. Maybe it’s even a factor in why you don’t want children. I was like that once. I silently judged the sloppy ponytail, crusty food remnants on the shirt and signature mom uniform, yoga pants. I even went so far as to think they wear work out gear to act like they are going to the gym when they are just too lazy to get properly dressed in the morning. These moms are giving women a bad name. They are the stereotype for why people don’t want kids. C’mon, get up a little earlier and at least put some makeup on.

Sure, waking up earlier is always an option. Especially after you stayed up late to accomplish all the things you couldn’t do when your child was awake. Then when you finally do get to sleep your child wakes up at 3 a.m., crying because…….well no one knows for sure. Night terror, possible teething, leg stuck between crib rails. It could be any number of things. While your little cherub falls back asleep you toss and turn thinking about all the things you have to accomplish the next day.  Only now it’s actually in a few hours. So yeah, you could get up earlier but no one would be around to see it because the fire you would be shooting out of your eyeballs would scorch everyone from the ground up. So you settle for a ponytail and some cold water on your face and if you are feeling particularly daring that day, some chapstick. Now what to wear?

Well you could wear that cute V-neck that’s been sitting in your drawer for months. Last time you wore that you showed everyone your nursing bra while you were waiting in line at Target because holding your child on one hip caused your shirt to take a detour to the right exposing some, if not all of your mom boob. Ok, no V-necks for a while. How about those cute jeans you used to wear, I mean they finally fit right? Well, yes technically they fit but when you used to wear them you had to wear heels because they are a tad too long and heels chasing a toddler, what kind of mom would you be with a broken ankle? How about that skirt with the coordinating top you used to love so much? Skirts are great except when you have to bend over to fold and heave an enormous stroller in and out of the back of your car. Unless you want to throw modesty to the wind, but let’s face it, Spring Break days are over and you say a silent thank you to the universe that cell phone cameras didn’t exist then. OK, so something more sensible, like a sweater. Except there is a large probability that you will have to strap your child to you in some sort of carrier and with the help of your hormones you may die of heat exhaustion. Fine, no sweater. A T-shirt and sports bra it is. Oh and the pants? Considering you will be bending, crawling, pushing, pulling, squatting, running, twisting and sitting cross legged on the floor there is really only one option folks.

So next time you are tempted to give a sideways glance to a Mom in her yoga pants, smile at her instead. Offer to buy her a coffee. She’s raising the future and trust me, it’s a workout.

About This Blogger: Ciara Polikretis
Ciara is a Doula, entrepreneur and champion for women. She received her degree in Communications from Baylor University. She strives to keep learning and growing by taking photography classes, improving her sewing skills, traveling to kid friendly destinations and reading something with actual pages. She continues to remind herself that a spotless house doesn’t make her a better person and loves surrounding herself with smart, witty and creative women to keep her grounded and inspired. She is good at accepting constructive criticism but terrible at directions. Ciara lives in permanently sunny Los Angeles with her husband, daughter and French Bulldog.